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In an attempt to uphold my resolution to see friends more, I went to get dinner with Toni and Schyler today…it wasn’t a long visit, but it was good to see them again since the last time I actually saw either of them was waaaay back at the wedding…

My favourite part was probably when I was telling tales of theatre woe (man, I need to get to where I can go completely without talking or writing about it), and Toni had an excellent reaction when I mentioned who our new boss is.

Toni: Oh my GAWD, I’m so sorry! I feel like Hitler would be a better boss than her.

Of course she doesn’t know about our constant making everything into a Nazi joke, but that made it even better. 😛

The rest of my day I spent at the theatre watching movies so I can catch up on everything I’d missed out on over the holiday season.

I saw Arrival and Passengers, and they’re both watchable movies, but there were some things in each that I’d consider pretty serious flaws. Arrival it was more that I didn’t like the plot twist once I realized what it was going to be…and Passengers it was more that I didn’t particularly buy the ending.

Jester and I are going to go see Rogue One tomorrow, I think…and then I’ll be all caught up.

Just spent the last half hour clicking around in IMDB, and I’m not especially wowed by much that’s coming out this year. Blegh.

Welp. Maybe less busy, eh? Idk. Not likely, I guess, since there are, like, 4 superhero movies, a Star Wars installment, and Emma Watson as a Disney princess all slated for 2017.

I’ll admit this much: since I started working for my theatre, I’ve come to realize more and more that I prefer a really well written television show to a movie. There are good movies, of course, but I usually feel let down by them…like they have the bigger names and better music and blah blah blah…but the story usually feels bigger than the allotted amount of time they have, and I always get disappointed that they can’t look at more of what’s going in on the little universe contained in the movie. So tv shows > movies for me. And miniseries are sometimes even better, I think, because they know when to stop and don’t drag things into ridiculousness like a long-running television show does…

I think that’s why I like Dr. Who and American Horror Story so much…because in one, you have the same “character” and the same concept of companions travelling through time and space, but the companions are always changing and the Doctor is always changing and keeping it new…plus, come on…you have all of time and space to adventure in! If you make that boring, it’s through bad actors or bad writing, and not with a bad concept at least.

And American Horror Story has a lot of reoccurring cast members, which I like because (so far) they keep coming back the same, but different, and it’s an interesting concept to me…the multiple performances of a core troupe of actors, with variations in character and with some other revolving faces to make it new each season.

I think the only other miniseries that I really remember enjoying was Generation War…and for a three part series (and a foreign language one, to boot), they covered an impressive amount of story and managed a lot of character development, too. And you don’t get that in feature length movies because of time constraints. And when they try to get around those, they do it wrong and stretch The Hobbit into 3 movies, but add all of this unnecessary action that doesn’t serve the plot or characters, and detracts from the story as a whole. Frustrating, that.

It’s like books…I think one of the most impressive things about Harry Potter or The Lord of The RingsGame of Thrones, too…is that they remain successful as a series well past the second and third installments. I don’t think that’s true of a lot of stories. Like Oryx and Crake–I liked that there was a second book, but the story was dying by the time I got to the third one. Same with Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series, and with Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles…the plots start getting weird and stale after a certain point, but they keep going…and with Clare I at least liked the Clockwork installments of the series, but that was because she took the things from her created world that were familiar, and gave them fresh characters and a new setting and plot…and Rice does that better in some of the later Vampire Chronicles than in others, but, really…it’s not consistent, and you can tell how tired the characters get by the increasing weirdness of the plots.

This, of course, is another reason I like short stories a lot…because they end when they end. They don’t go on for too long, and any good writer of short stories knows that they can and should go back and revisit the worlds or characters or creatures that clearly had more to tell about than they could fit into the first short story. It’s one of the things I really appreciate about Neil Gaiman and Laird Barron, because they seem to know which characters and stories had more to tell about, and they revisit them and don’t make the visits disappointing.

Anywho…it’s late and I should probably go to bed now and stop spewing so much unasked for opinion into the void.