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So, I came across a year-review for books, and was reminded that I never posted my reading list for September of 2015-September of 2016 because when I moved, I misplaced the flash drive where I’d kept the list…

I’ve found it again though. Yay. So Imma post that now, as I’m halfway into my ’16-’17 reading year (and so far I’ve read a pitiful number of books…I blame work).

* Marks the books I was recommended or given.
± Marks books I would like to get rid of (message me if any of them look interesting, since I might still have them and could send them to you)
#Marks my personal favourites from this batch

1. Spies – Marcel Beyer (translation by Breon Mitchell)#
Such a sad book. This was my second reading, and I get it a little better…but I still couldn’t figure out just what was wrong with everyone…

2. The Absolutist – John Boyne
This was kind of a disappointing book. I think it was a good try, for what the author was doing, but I don’t necessarily recommend.

3. Assorted poetry – John Donne#
My favourite Renaissance poet. I always enjoy reading these…a good alternative if you like the Renaissance but don’t like Shakespeare.

4. The Sun Also Rises – Ernest Hemingway#
Ah, I still love this book. I still will never, ever agree with all the critics and my classmates who insist Jake gets over things in the end.

5. The Masque of Blackness – Ben Johnson
Renaissance blackface. That’s all I can say about this one. It was like…Disney-esque costuming and stage directions, but really freaking racist.

6. Assorted poetry – Ben Johnson
This didn’t make much of an impression on me, I guess, seeing as how I don’t remember a bit of it.

7. Hero and Leander – Christopher Marlowe
Spoilers: sex and death. But Marlowe is probably my other favourite Renaissance author, so there’s that.

8. The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus – Christopher Marlowe
Faustus…that freaking idiot. I hate him so much that I wrote no less than three spite-fueled term papers about how stupid he is.

9. A Dance with Dragons – George R.R. Martin
Ah, I can’t wait for the next one…

10. Bimbos of the Death Sun – Sharon McCrumb*
Know what’s not annoying? Feminism in general. Know what is super annoying? An author who creates characters specifically to spew about feminist ideas, rather than to move the story forward or to contribute in a meaningful way. “Show, don’t tell,” they say…

11. Zombies of the Gene Pool – Sharon McCrumb*
Did not enjoy. The story was somewhat dated, and I think that was a big reason why…plus the problem stated above, again.

12. The Forgotten Beasts of Eld – Patricia McKillip#
Much better female protagonist than the two above books. Also…I can’t believe this book was sold at a book fair. To elementary aged kids. Because there is this evil would-be rapist king… Yikes. I first read this book as a kid, and I didn’t know that was going on…but adult me is kind of unnerved that child me read this book.

13. The Hero and The Crown – Robin McKinley*
Again, bad outcomes for female characters! This time it was because the protagonist had to give up her throne to a male character because the people wouldn’t trust someone with magical heritage to rule them…and then he asks her to marry him…and instead of leaving this prejudiced kingdom and enjoying her magical powers and living happily ever after with a nice wizard guy she meets, she gives up her powers and everything to do with magic, because of her “duty to her country and her new husband”. Vomit. I was so mad.

14. Dragonhaven – Robin McKinley*#
Same author, MUCH better story. I liked the diary narration of this one.

15. Zombie Haiku – Brian Mecum#
I don’t like haiku as a form, but this makes it fun.

16. Vampire Haiku – Brian Mecum
Not as good as the zombie one.

17. My Friend Flicka – Mary O’Hara*#
One of my favourite books. It has horses and fairly moving drama.

18. Thunderhead – Mary O’Hara*#
A sequel that wasn’t disappointing! The drama carries over, but is somehow even thicker than the first time around, without being as sad though.

19. It Must Look Pretty Appealing – Leanor Inez Ortega
Poetry from a saxophone player in the ska band Five Iron Frenzy.

20. Goth – Otsuichi#
Little effed-up vignettes that follow a pair of antosocial schoolmates through gruesome crimes they encounter.

21. Hipira – Katsuhiro Otomo*
A picture book about a little vampire child.

22. Death: A Life – George Pendle#
This book is hilarious if you know classical literature. I was excited to see a book where my degree at least helped me get all the jokes.

23. This Present Darkness – Frank Peretti*
Christian supernatural fiction. Interesting concepts for characters, though it does fall into some of the stereotypes people have about Christians…

24. Piercing The Darkness – Frank Peretti*
Same as above.

25. The Visitation – Frank Peretti
The supernatural aspect of this one was less interesting, but I appreciated the simultaneous story Peretti tells about how difficult and foolish people in the “evangelical culture” can be. It was very honest.

26. The Last Book in The Universe – Rodman Philbrick
Unsettling post-apocalyptic story.

27. What Happened to Lani Garver – Carol Plum-Ucci*#
An interesting story about whether a new kid in town is a gay runaway or a guardian angel. And about people being cruel.

28. Nevada – Joshua S. Porter
A book from the vocalist in Showbread. It’s fiction, but it pissed me off…the violence against women was some of the worst I’ve seen in a book–and I’ve read Game of Thrones. At least GRR Martin makes his female characters into people who are being hurt, rather than objects that are being hurt. I was extremely upset that this book came from someone whose music and lyrics I had a fair amount of respect for…but hey…it distracted me from the other drawbacks that you find in self-published novels!

29. Horror Stories – Ed. Susan Price*
Ugh…the story about the pear drum…*shudders*

30. The New Vampire’s Handbook – “Miles Proctor”
Kind of amusing, but nothing too clever.

31. Emily the Strange: The Lost Days – Rob Reger
Chapter-book/comic mashup. I like Emily. She is smart and creepy and also reminds me a little of my friend Toni. Probably because she’s little and pale and likes cats.

32. Emily The Strange: Stranger and Stranger – Rob Reger
In this one, Emily clones herself. It’s like if my Wolf and I were both here together…we’d hate each other, I think.

33. All Quiet on The Western Front – Erich Maria Remarque (translation by A.W. Wheen)#
This book is upsetting. So, so upsetting. Naturally, I love it.

34. The Road Back – Erich Maria Remarque (translation by A. W. Wheen)#
Also a book that is upsetting and which I really enjoyed. Definitely not inaccessible like a lot of online reviewers were making it out to be.

35. Astrophil and Stella – Sir Philip Sidney
I don’t even remember what this is about, tbh. I’m not too into Sidney.