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First thing first: has anyone else been having problems with posts not loading in their WordPress reader? For almost a week now, mine had been either not loading or struggling to load them, but idk why…

Also, I’m getting behind on reading again. (surprise!)
Gotta finish Dracula vs. Hitler! :O

I admit the book has some of the flaws I was expecting…but so far it’s still fairly readable. And then it’s just a short 94 more books and 5anthologies left before I’ll have FINALLY read through my entire book collection (and tbh, only 27 of those books are “new” to me in that I haven’t read them before).

I can do it! *determined*

It’ll just take me, like, 4 years or something.

Other updates:

Work–blegh. Working the next 8 days. Not too excited.

Jester–I am annoyed with his new coworkers. Someone said he’s “too bubbly”, and he seems pretty crushed by that because he wants everyone to like him…and they should. (I said without any bias whatsoever). Naturally, Wolf-me wants to go break their faces. Or maybe just their fingers, until one of them confesses to having said this thing which has upset him…

Music–So…this music isn’t super, which shouldn’t surprise anyone because I have bad taste…but I’ve been listening to a few of those neofolk pop-covers over and over…and I determined that you should have the chance to as well. So here is the one I’ve been listening to most.

I can see why they picked to do this one…so much violent imagery already in the song.

I don’t even know what I’ll think when I finally get around to reading the book they got their name from…we’ll know in four books from now, I guess.