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I am one-hundred-thousand percent not a morning person. And I never will be, I think. I feel more exhausted after waking up early 3 days in a row than I do after…well…most things, really. And I even tried very hard to get adequate sleep each of the three nights before my opening shifts. :/

Jester was shocked that I was getting ready for bed at 8-9pm…I don’t think he’d like it as much as he thinks, if I worked strictly day shifts. I really need to sleep 7-8 hours, so getting up at 6am means being asleep no later than 10-11…and today I woke up at 5, so 8-9pm is bedtime…

Daytime me has to sleep like an old person.

Also, I very suddenly stopped being able to breathe properly as my shift was ending today…my sinuses are extremely stopped up, yet my nose is also constantly running…? It’s annoying me.

Work is also annoying. I don’t think it’s going to be a source for amusing anecdotes anymore. Now it just feels like actual work. Still. Not looking to quit or anything crazy (although I’ll probably make sarcastic remarks about it often enough to my officemates) because raises are next month. That and I really, really, reallyreallyreally want to stay at this job long enough to use my saved vacation time. Golly…at my current rate of accrual, I’ll have enough time saved by June that I could take a vacation of 11 days. I’d LOVE to have 11 days off…

Granted, I did when we got married last spring, but half of that vacation was spent with the stress of last-minute wedding plans and moving into the apartment and all kinds of not-very-relaxing things. Like…11 days…man…

I wouldn’t even know what to do.

And that’s my problem any time I don’t have to work, anyway. Like…do I just sleep all day and relax? Or do I spend every available moment doing all the things that I never have time to do?

I’m not very good at striking balance in vacation mode. I only ever want to do one or the other, and then I’m always disappointed with myself no matter which I choose.

I think I already have too-high expectations for the 18th-21st, but we’ll see.

I’m trying to not think too much about it right now, and instead just trying to enjoy what I can during this annoying 8-days in a row.

Things like:
– Having dinner with Jester two days in a row this week. Because it’s weird to have extremely variable schedules, and realize sometimes how little time we get to spend together.
– Drinking hot tea with honey.
– Reading through Dracula vs. Hitler, which I’m halfway through and I think today I left off at a pivot-point in the plot.
– Trying matcha-flavoured things…so far just KitKat minis and Pocky, but I have on my list to try some of the Hello, Panda snacks and to also find a place to get matcha macarons. I am genuinely surprised I’ve liked it as much as I have. Maybe I should also find a place to try actual matcha? (I say that knowing full well that I already did find someplace and I just need to find a time to go there).
– Listening to Nachtmahr. I kind of feel bad about this one, but only the teeniest bit because I don’t like eeeeeeverything from them…just a handful of songs right now. Tbh I think I give up on feeling apologetic about music I like. FINALLY. Just as well, since I am 90% sure they will end up on my 2017 end-of-year playlist. And also…I’m really excited that I can recognize so many words in the songs…still not enough to fully grasp content without trying to find the lyrics or translations of them…but…I still feel at least a little pleased with myself. Even more when I consider that understanding lyrics in industrial music can be difficult even if it’s in English. 😛

Anyway, I can’t stand to stay awake any longer. I don’t work until late tomorrow though, so plenty of time to rest up.