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Welp, tomorrow will be for learning. For instance, I learned my lesson about overestimating sizes when purchasing clothing online…

The web site said it ran small, sooooo I bought a size up and now it’s too big. So I guess it runs “normal” sized? Idk. But now I have to send it back for an exchange, and I’m not sure how well this is going to go, as it’s international shipping and I remember customs forms being confusing to fill out…

But we’ll see. This just means I have to get up early enough to make it there at a reasonable time, since they close at 2.

That means going to bed basically now…


I hate adulting. *gags*

Then there is also cleaning and dishes to do. *more gags*
I might see a friend of mine, buuuut they never responded to my FB message, so we’ll see…

If they don’t answer, then it looks like just a trip to the post office, cleaning, and catching up on American Horror Story and my reading. Next up on my reading list: Swift to Chase, by Laird Barron. With a story that has an “atomic-powered cyborg war dog” in it. Which I would probably still want to pet. Because dogs. ❤

Side note: Unrecognised dog breeds are interesting…there is a sort of arctic shepherd dog that is the wolfiest looking dog I’ve ever seen…but I’ve never heard of it until today. Utonagans? Nah. Not once.

*wants to pat all of them*

Also…on Sunday my old boss is getting some of us together for lunch, so I’m kind of looking forward to that. It won’t be like a “work thing”, so I can maaaaaybe be less anxious…and also Jester can come with, which he always wanted to do before anyway.

Yay ^_^

So far it’s been a productive mini-vacation, but…I still don’t want to go back.

I need to scrape up my courage (SURPRISE! –I have none, being all talk…if even that) and start looking for a new job. Ugh. -_-”

Not to rush myself though…let’s say that I should aim to find something before the end of the year…something that isn’t retail or food service. (Or the bloody entertainment industry!)

Sleep indeed.