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Okay. So. I mentioned that Jester and I had gone to lunch with some people I used to work with at my theatre, one of them being my old boss. Among the many things that came up in that conversation was the general consensus that I should leave the theatre, and Mike said that if anything opened up in the materials distribution department he’s at (it’s in a hospital), he’d let me know.

Behold! Not even 3 days later and there’s a position open.

He texted me about it yesterday, but I didn’t get the chance to apply because Erika was throwing a fit again (battery light came on and I had to take her to the mechanic, but the battery is holding a charge and the light didn’t come back on any of the times they started the car) and I ad to go to bed early…so I applied earlier tonight.

Now I just feel super anxious about it. Like…what if they don’t choose me? Or even interview me? Stuck at the theatre still, I guess. Ugh. -_-”

Or…what if they do hire me? *terror*

What will I even do with myself??? (Work a different job, duh…)

Idk. I just feel weird. Like…I’ll be disappointed if nothing comes of it, but if it does…just…the probability of relief and terror isn’t exactly balanced, but I’m not sure which of those two things I would feel more strongly.

Wish me luck, I guess.