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So, it’s a million times harder than I thought it would be, the whole keeping it from all my coworkers that I applied for another job and am actually really seriously intending to leave the theatre.

I’m bursting to tell everyone…but I can’t think of why. Like…does it matter? Nah. No. I’m replaceable, I’m sure.

Mostly though, I don’t want to tell them all and then not get the job. How embarrassing.

I’ll tell Thabet though, probably. Because I’ve always found it very upsetting when my theatre buddies have been fired or transferred or quit. On the other hand, if I leave and we don’t work together anymore, that means we can be friends in real life, so that might be nice. Especially since I won’t (probably) be able to use fascism as a topic to bond with people at any other job I might end up at. (This is as it should be though.)

Anyway. Mike texted me and told me he passed my name along to the people in charge of the distribution department, and they’ll probably pull my application at the beginning of this upcoming week. How nerve-wracking.

On the other hand, I got my review at the theatre today and it wasn’t so bad. About what I expected, tbh. Except that Stephanie didn’t tell me what my raise is, and it doesn’t say on the review itself…maybe she doesn’t actually know??? Idk. Corporate won’t have our paychecks adjusted until the 9th though, so…ugh. I won’t even know until right around the time that I *might* be quitting. How stupid.

Anyway. Gotta get some sleep, I guess.