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Do employees at other places ever walk up to their bosses and say stuff like, “Okay, so if so-and-so and I fought to the death, who would you root for?”

I feel like I get that question a lot. But, you know…since I’m a good manager, I can’t choose a side…so I usually just tell them that I hope they both beat the hell out of each other, but that nobody dies because I still need them to work their shifts.

That’s an HR-approved response, right? 😛

Anyway…super nervous now that the weekend is ending. I looked again and that job I applied for is already off of the web site (or, I can’t find it, anyway). So now I keep just telling myself that they’ve already found someone and didn’t even call me…which of course I have no way of knowing, but that’s how I operate…jumping to conclusions that are never good and often also wrong.


Also…and I feel weird saying this (and also now this post is going to go in a completely new direction), but I’ve decided there is at least one thing going on in this mishmash of protests and movements that I really do want to support. The “Alt-National Park Service” is something I feel like I can get behind, because people are woefully ignorant about the natural world, and it upsets me that so much is going on all over this planet that’s bad, and the state of the planet and its resources and creatures trumps (no pun intended, I swear) human politics no matter what. Or at least that’s what I believe. Because political parties and agendas come and go, but once all the water is ruined or all the ocelots are extinct…well. That stuff doesn’t just come back into fashion at a later time, you know? It’s just GONE.

So I did what one does and joined on social media. I shared a post. I may consider giving some money (Idk if they’re raising funds) at a later time…because I’m conflicted about giving a portion of my tax return to conservation now…how do I know government conservation agencies are going to support anything I think is important anymore? Like, I have some research yet to do, but I got mad when I read something saying they were planning to remove protections for wolves…

I don’t know to what extent, which is why I need to do more reading…but that upsets me. Plus this whole idiotic wall nonsense. Like, wtf. I’m embarrassed for America for obvious reasons…but a barrier like that also impacts wildlife and I’ve read studies before Trump was even a thing about how species are impacted negatively when their natural territory or migration patterns cross borders. I have no problem believing that a dividing wall would only increase the negative effects.

Kind of like stuff I mentioned a good while back, reading about ecology in war-torn areas…species that become threatened or die off because of humans trying to destroy each other…

It’s all very upsetting. And I’m against all this human stupidness against nature because nature can’t organize itself to speak to humans on it’s own…not like a refugee or a Trump supporter who can make a case for themselves in their own words. Nature only gets as much of a voice among humans as humans are willing to give it, and I think that’s worth thinking about in a time when everyone is wanting their own voice to be heard.

Time for work now.