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Today was a more or less pleasant day. Nothing annoying at work.

I didn’t get a call about the job I applied for, but we’ll see what happens later this week. Instead, I called a bunch of people about working at the theatre…which I always feel a little weird about and wonder if, in seven years from now, they’ll be in the position I’m in now…looking for a way to get out of the theatre routine (or lack thereof).

I read an article that I kind of enjoyed and though I would share with you. It’s about a neo-folk styled band called Death in Rome. I can’t remember if I mentioned them before, but they do parodies of pop music…occasionally with altered lyrics to fit themes found in neo-folk…

This article focuses a little heavily on the writer’s perceived shortcomings of parody artists, but I still thought there were some interesting observations in here…particularly because I haven’t really read much about or interacted with other people who actually like neo-folk music. (Time to set up a visit with my former employee who wanted to recommend some of this music to me!)

Here is the article I wanted to share.

In closing…I would like to tie this whole thing up with a thing that Thabet and I were horrified to learn: the audits this year include a random three days worth of video footage from the offices.

I never imagined I would ever be discussing with an employee the likelihood of them getting in trouble for throwing Nazi salutes on a semi-regular basis.