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I wouldn’t normally be awake this early on Saturday, buuuuuuuut I’m “on call” every Saturday this month. Plus every Saturday in July and December. Which means waking up at 4am just in case someone else calls off…because I am 100% certain that I will NOT be able to make it to the hospital in time if they call me at 6 and I am not already out of bed. Definitely not.

But it looks like I’m not gonna be needed today, so…yay because I’m still getting paid. But still…boo because I slept really badly last night and I feel pretty exhausted. But what’s the point in even trying to go back to bed when Jester is going to be getting up in an hour anyway? It’ll just wake me up all over again. If I even managed to fall back asleep by then.

So here I am, clarifying my complaints about how the new job turned out. This time, I said we’d talk about uniforms, and so we shall.

My uniform now is a set of light blue scrubs. Fine. That makes sense. After all, they’re pretty standard for all hospital personnel. Unless you work in a department that has zero patient contact, like HR or accounting or something along those lines. Still…I hate them.

Some of my reasons are petty and I could probably get over them. Like the fact that blue is not a good colour for me. Especially light blues, as they make my skin look really pink, and I am not a fan of pink, alive-looking me.
Also…I never thought I would miss the theatre issued wool pants, but I REALLY do. It’s freaking COLD outside. Snowing, in fact, and here I am, waiting for the shuttle in the dark, broken-glass lot and shivering in my thin, jammie-like blue scrubs. It’s intolerable.

I might be more grateful when it gets hot out, but we’ll see.

Lastly…there’s the problem which is not so petty or seasonal, and which pisses me off on a daily basis: the scrubs issued by the hospital do not fit me. They don’t.

I was originally given mediums, but the shirt was like a tent and could have fit two of me, and the pants…well…the pants are like the scrub version of gauchos. They are too big and too long…but the pants are all elastic waisted, and the next smaller size’s waistband doesn’t stretch far enough to come up over my hips, so I’m stuck with the ballooning size that, while I can get them over my hips, are so long that the waistband has to be pulled up all the way to my ribs (NOT my natural waist, but a bit above that) because I can’t roll the bottoms up due to the pants being tapered in the leg.

The whole pants situation makes me so fucking mad. I found some of a slightly different style at the hospital, where they have drawstring waists instead of elastic, but again…they’re too long for me and I can’t roll them up, but in this case I could also not pull the pants up high enough to get them off the ground…I lose no matter what I do, it seems.

And then the shirts are stupid, too…I got a smaller one, but again it still doesn’t fit. It has the bizarre quality of being really big and loose in the shoulders and chest, but also really long (despite being the small size), but not loose enough at the waist to fit down over my hips. I can force it down, but it doesn’t stay put because of all the moving around I do when stocking, and instead keeps creeping back up and making the upper part of the shirt more and more baggy and shifty, and with my badge weighting one side of the hugely V’d collar, sometimes I end up rocking the almost-off-the-shoulder look, which is a huge violation of company policy (our wardrobe guidelines for off-duty employees who are coming to/leaving/visiting the hospital are pretty strict…heaven forbid any employee EVER be caught with bare shoulders).

So the shirts suck, too.
I’ve spent a LOT of time reading and checking sizes and reviews of different scrub sets on Amazon, and I finally ordered some yesterday. It would suck for ne to have to buy all my own uniforms, but I really hope they fit okay. And also that they’re a match for our department’s designated shade of blue. As much as I don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on work jammies, I also hate going in every day wearing clothes that very obviously don’t fit me.

Then there’s the shoe problem. It’s less of a problem now, but this past month has been a nightmare for my feet.

See, back when I had that week off between when I left the theatre and when I started at the hospital, my intention was to break n my new shoes. But I couldn’t because I fucking sprained my ankle at the last moment. *rage*

So I spent my first two weeks at the hospital with brand-new shoes that weren’t broken in AND my ankle brace. (Have I mentioned that I have severe bunions?)

It was the wooooooooorrrrrst!

I’d end up taking my shoes off every lunch and then again when I’d be sitting in traffic on the way home. My feet were screaming. And also, so was I in one particularly bad day where traffic was moving just enough so that I couldn’t get my shoes off, but hadn’t been in enough pain to take them off before I started driving… it was horrible. They haven’t been as bad the last week or so, but they’re still not super comfy shoes that I *enjoy* wearing around…

I also don’t know what to think because I can’t really hear myself walk in them. I am kind of harsh to the heels of my shoes because I have a heel-to-toe step, and I like being able to hear my steps…but I guess that’s not a thing with actual running/walking shoes. They’re supposed to be soft and lightweight, which means they don’t make much noise. Fine for working in a hospital, I guess. Also fine for my ninja-ing from one place to another. I’m just really unaccustomed to it.

Also not accustomed to having no slip protection. I stepped in water the other day and am pretty sure I could have died. *shrugs* Who knows?

Anyway, I am not pleased with the whole uniform front, but if the ones I ordered yesterday are suitable, then at least I can slowly start getting more to replace the ones from the hospital. They should get here by next weekend, so I’ll know soon.

Next time, we’ll talk about Wolf me’s snobiness…