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Brought my unicorn shirt collection up to 12 (at least, I can only think of 12, without going back to flip through the closet). Plus one Sleipnir shirt, which doesn’t quite count because he’s got 8 legs, rather than the spirally horn.

Makes me think back to when we were talking about my (apparently) incompatible interests at the theatre, and Mike wanted to know then how many Nazi shirts I had to balance out the unicorns. 😛

…and by the way, just in case you were concerned that I might’ve left off being a grammar (and spelling) Nazi, I wanted to let you know that I managed to get a sign changed at the hospital. Because it had a spelling error.

A dozen times a day, I have to pass the OR stock and processing areas, and they have a specific room with its own special sign that read “Decontanimation Processing”.



But…who does one even tell? I didn’t know. But I told Mike and Jaimie at lunch. And they didn’t believe it, but I know they looked when they passed by the sign back to their warehouse. And I know they told other people, because it got back to me that the guy in charge of that department was embarrassed by all the people who were giving him a hard time about not using spell check when he ordered the sign for Decontamination.

The sign was fixed in less than a week after I brought it up. After having been wrong for the first seven weeks I worked there.

You’re welcome, hospital.

Now I just need to discreetly reword the sign on our department’s break room refrigerator. Right now, it reads: “Taking food from this fridge, which does not belong to you is theft.”

It should say “Taking food that isn’t yours from this fridge is theft.” It’s current form indicates more that the fridge is what isn’t yours, not the food you took…and then it’s still wrong because there should be another comma after the phrase “which does not belong to you”. (Although after re-reading this post, my corrected version still reads poorly, so really it should just say “Taking food that isn’t yours is theft.” The fridge doesn’t figure into the truth of that, and the syntax is better.)

I sit with my back to the fridge so I don’t have to see this terrible sign. (Which I was also disappointed to learn was made up by our department head.)

…I apologise to everyone for the poor usage in all of my posts. But that’s always been my point–I spent extra time and money to learn how best to follow the rules so that I can use them when I need to be professional or formal, therefore I have permission to disregard them in informal situations. Like my entire online existence.

(Oh, and I still only have one grammar Nazi shirt. Just the one.)