I’m so upset that my last post, wherein I complain about bad grammar, has a pretty big grammar mistake in it. Ugh.

Not that my lengthy absence was due to embarrassment…

Nah. I just hated my job and was too miserable to keep posting. But I have good news now, so here I am.

And what is this news I have? Welp. The position Mike originally wanted me to get opened back up, and I pounced on it. So now I work 2nd shift and have a small team that I interact with every day…and my daily duties vary throughout the week, and I am back into more customer service and problem solving activities rather than doing the same heavy lifting and stocking the same areas by myself day after day after day like some kind of automaton.

I like it SO MUCH BETTER and I see why Mike thought I should do this job…this whole time I’ve been questioning both his and my judgment, and kicking myself for leaving the theatre and ending up in a job that I HATE, but I take all that back now. It was the right choice. Just…the stars weren’t aligned for me to get hired into the right part of the department straight away.

We’re also bringing back a little bit of our favourite discussion topics, since our shifts still overlap some. And thusly, less than a week into my new schedule, my new boss was listening to Mike excitedly telling me about a game he bought, and I am pretty stoked to get a copy too, now that I know it exists…but my new boss waited until after Mike left to start asking me about the game, and I learned that at some point she concluded we were video gaming buddies…

Nope. Naw. Kind of awkward to explain by myself though why we were so enthusiastic about the idea of a board game called “Secret Hitler”.
“See, it all started with this time I helped a girl with her graduate school application…”

My new boss isn’t going to be there most of the time when I work because she’s 1st shift, and my direct supervisor is brand new to being a supervisor…and I’m conflicted about this because on one hand, he’s a really nice person and surprisingly easy to get along with and talk to (considering I generally dislike people), and on the other hand…Wolf me feels like this is a person who could be easily manipulated, and is weighing how useful that could be.

I don’t like that about me. That this really is the sort of thing I find myself thinking…
At the same time though, I think I’m going to be good at this job and I need to make sure I have someone on my side to say good things about me when I have a chance to move up in the department. Because I really don’t want to be the lowest level of employee for a long time…it really sucks and I hate not being able to tell other people what to do and having to myself do whatever anyone else tells me.

So…yeah. That’s where I am right now. And I had a bunch of other thing I was thinking about posting yesterday, but…this morning we woke up to the most earsplitting crack of thunder I’ve ever heard in my life, so I slept poorly and only for about 5-6 hours…and then I went on a short hike to break in my new boots and it was so hot and humid out that I was also sweating more than I would have believed possible, and I was exhausted when I got home even though it was only about 2.5 miles… and then I had a glass of wine and I am pretty sure that I’m experiencing the reason I’m not supposed to drink while on my anxiety meds, because everything feels kind of weird and unreal. So I can’t really focus with all of that going on at once, and that leaves us with this post.

1. I’m still alive.
2. Different job, regarding which I have some vague ambitions.
3. Secret Hitler.
4. I cannot even right now.