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Well, I’m on day 3 of a 10-day vacation right now. It feels more like day 1 though, because yesterday I spent all day driving and the day before I spent the day getting my hair coloured blue and going out to a concert with Jester.

The blue hair is interesting…the dye didn’t take evenly, and the bleaching beforehand made my hair Barbie-blonde, so now the overall look is “ariel view of the Great Barrier Reef”, where some bits are medium blue, some are greeny-blue, and some are still sandy coloured. Still, it’s a fun change. I’ll have to colour it back to a “natural” colour before I go back to work, of course.

The concert was a good time (despite my back and legs being in a lot of pain after the 5 hours were up). We heard a band that was new to us called The Long Losts, and they were pretty cool. Kind of spooky themed music with lots of haunted house sounds mixed in…and a tambourine.

We also saw Bella Morte, which was the biggest reason I’d wanted to go to the show. I don’t know a lot of their songs from more recent albums because they started sounding more punk than I really like…but they did a song called Find Forever Gone, which I’ve always liked (and which they dedicated to the people in their hometown–Charlottesville–were standing up to the alt-right), and I was really glad about that. I have a curiosity about a lot of artists that I like but have never heard live…like, do they sound as good live as they do in recordings? And I’m always afraid I’ll be disappointed, especially with vocalists…but not this time. He really does have a good voice, and I was glad to hear them play, even if I didn’t know a lot of their other songs.

Voltaire was headlining, which I always think is funny when he’s not got a backup band…it’s hard to follow up two full, energetic acts with an acoustic headliner, but most of his songs are fun enough that it doesn’t seem to matter.

He did talk a lot more this time though…which isn’t a bad thing…just…not as upbeat as I expected.

I’m so used to Goth artists not generally using concerts as a platform to talk about things that are important to them that when they do decide they want to take a minute to come against fascism, or to talk about how they didn’t end up committing suicide…it surprises me. I don’t know why it would, and you’d think that after growing up going to exclusively Chtistian concerts where they DO take time all the time to talk about important things at concerts that it wouldn’t throw me off…but it does. And I guess that’s a measure too, of just how important these things really are to the artists, since that’s not usually a thing Goths do. *reflects quietly*

Btw, do you have any idea how hard it is to write a post on a phone? Ugh. I apologize for any errors due to auto-correct and me clicking the wrong thing in the predictive text boxes.

And that brings me to the next thing I have been thinking about during my long drive by myself yesterday (it was like 8 hours). I am going to have to hope I was right about people’s tendency to overlook things. Because I did get a new phone…buuuut I went and bought a case with the same grammar-Nazi symbol. Because I like it…and I think I’ve integrated that whole thing into my idea of “who Reeser is” too much to just let it go. But now I’m afraid someone will see it and make an incorrect assumption about what it means. Same with the sticker on my car. And the Rome and Nachtmahr shirts that my dad has already asked me to explain (which is unlike him as he never seems to pay much attention to my interests). And my black sun pendant.

Kind of a lot more than I was expecting when I started this nonsense. But so far in my life I have been pretty good at going unnoticed. And a lot of people won’t recognize what they’re looking at anyway…I’m just afraid of the possibility that ONE person will notice and *think* they know…and that could turn out badly for me.

My sister is bugging me to get out of bed now, so I guess I had better go.