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#30 is Kriegsgötter, by Rome.

I finally downloaded the rest of their available discography toward the end of last year, so while there are still a number of songs from them in my countdown (8 this time), at least not all of them are ones that I’ve already posted about.

Typical me–I like the ominous tone of this song. One of my favourite things about Rome is that they manage to portray bitterness without spilling over into anger, or to portray melancholy without making it overtly sad…all of those more grey emotions they do really, really well. I am constantly impressed by it.

This one seems like a fairly bitter song to me. And one that, again, I feel at least illustrates a little of how I’ve felt this past year. Because there’s no place for that bitterness to go. No revenge to be had. No certainty about what to do next. Just the sinking feeling that humans don’t matter. Or that being human doesn’t matter. That, in the end, we’re all just things. All just meaningless.

The bleak strain that weaves in with the ominous one towards the end seems perfect, in an upsetting kind of way.

I like it.