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#28 is the Zehner Marsch, which I feel only made it into this countdown because it is so short.

I really tried to cut back on listening to the Musikkorps recordings this year, thinking maybe it was in my best interest…I don’t know though.
I feel better when I am listening to them. Calmer…which is kind of the opposite of most of the music I like, which usually serves to agitate in one way or another.

Maybe it’s because I still (erroneously, probably) associate the marches with the carousel from my childhood vacations? I swear, I am still mad about finding out that they changed the music box so that I couldn’t prove one way or the other that I’d heard some of these songs before…

Oh well.
I had trouble finding out much about the history or composition of this song, so that makes it not as much fun as some of the other marches, but like I said: it’s very short. Maybe that’s something to do with why I can’t find out much.