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#27 is Wind, by Forseti.

The biggest reason I like this song is because the music captures so perfectly the feel of deep winter…where the holidays are over and it’s not fun and festive anymore, and maybe there’s snow, but it’s old snow and isn’t bright and new anymore…or maybe it’s just the grey skies and dead earth. This song puts me in mind of all of that.

I like also that the whole song is a personification of the wind, with the first two parts describing the wildness and destructive power of wind (yeah, the lyrics and the music are kind of at odds here), and the last being about the gentler winds renewing the earth…

In a way, the lyrics are almost more like a poem than a song…but I guess that’s one of the things about some of the neofolk stuff that I came across…the lyrics are less sing-songy and instead are almost chants set to music…I kinda like it, but I haven’t been sold on enough of those songs for any others besides this one to appear in this year’s countdown.