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#26 is Gods and Monsters, from American Horror Story, season 4.

I didn’t do as much reading or as much music browsing this past year in part because working first shift (wake up at 4am, get home MAYBE at 5pm, go to bed at 9pm…) was exhausting. I couldn’t get up the energy to do much besides sit down and watch television.

So because I was too tired to be fully mentally engaged, I watched the entire series of The Office (American version), American Horror Story, Penny Dreadful, and a few other things…not my usual habit at all, since I’ve never really been much of a TV person.

I liked the idea behind American Horror Story, where a series of cast members rotates through the seasons, playing different characters each time, with different storylines and different focuses…almost like a theatre troupe.

I liked seasons two and four best out of what I’ve watched, which only includes what’s available on Netflix right now, but I was also kind of impressed with the occasional showcasing of the cast as musicians. Especially in season 4, where the entire season is a show within a show. And maybe the song isn’t amazing (I’ve never heard the Lana Del Rey version), but it was one more that got stuck in my head enough to warrant adding to my music library.