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#24 is To Each His Ground, by Rome.

A lot of Rome songs draw up images in my mind…this one usually makes me think of driving in the late summer or early fall, when things haven’t really started changing a lot yet, but the shadows get longer earlier, and the evenings aren’t quite as warm…

I haven’t really made up my mind as to what this one means to me yet. But I do like it. Another one of the songs I feel calm about. Not as bleak as Kriegsgötter. Not that it isn’t still bleak though. The lines that seem to carry the most weight for me are

Don’t kid yourself
We’d rather be mad than delighted
You’d rather be entertained
Than enlightened

Seems pretty apt for the way things are these days. Everything is a storm of people being mad over all kinds of things, and nobody wants to agree–just be mad. Be right. And nobody wants to think hard about whether they actually are right…they just want to be catered to and validated at the expense of those they disagree with. It’s sickening. And it makes me feel like maybe none of it matters at all. Who cares. Who can be troubled to care when no matter what you agree with, everyone is being awful to the people they disagree with.

Maybe we should just leave each other alone.