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It wouldn’t be a proper countdown if I didn’t miss days and get behind for one reason or another…

#23 is The Orchards, by Rome.

I think this is another song that I just like because it makes me feel calm, although it’s exactly that calm tone of the song that makes it difficult for me to decide how I should think of it.

It seems lost, for the most part, with phrases like “let us float in a stupor of blood”, and then “we are left to wander” or “into the orchards, we slide”, all of which seem directionless…but the refrain (in German) is that “movement is created by attitude”. So I guess if you can’t bring yourself to care, then of course that’s how you find yourself wandering or sliding or floating in a stupor…..

Indifferent. That is the word I was trying to think of–I feel like indifference is the primary tone here, but not cruel indifference…maybe more like exhausted or worn out indifference…the indifference where you are alright with whatever happens because it takes the weight off of you. Maybe acquiescent is an even better word.

Although somehow this song makes it feel like maybe the feeling of indifference or acquiescence is alright. (It probably isn’t.)