some things

This is a place where you go in hopes of garnering more information about me because my posts are so awesome and you say to yourself, “surely there is something more concise that defines this fabulous specimen of sentient thought!” Except that you are wrong in thinking this because my awesomeness cannot be confined to brief statements.

I can tell you though, that I like to write about the epic dreams I have (sleep-dreams, not “dreams” as in “goals”), and about work. Sometimes bizarre things happen, or we have fun conversations.

I like to write a little bit about books I enjoy, and things I learn about these books. Sometimes they get connected to music or the larger world. Sometimes I write about other things I enjoy.

Incidentally, some of the things include:
weird fiction–HP Lovecraft and writers he has influenced
mythology–Greco-Roman, Norse, Finnish, Celtic…
fantasy series like LOTR and Game of Thrones
William Faulkner’s ridiculously convoluted novels
WWII related movies
music with accordions…
the wide ranging styles of music that appeal to Goths
vintage watches–pocket ones, preferably
dogs, because they all want to be my friend
my Jester

Now, I realize this doesn’t tell you much about ME, but it does give you an idea of whether we might have similar interests.

Maybe we’d find something to talk about.

1 thought on “some things”

  1. you’ve been nominated for the infinity dreams award. check details on 🙂

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