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Learned today that a manager from my old theatre fell and ended up with his arm in a fryer and got 2nd degree burns from the 300+ degree oil… It sounded pretty grim when our GM told me, but the guy’s Facebook about it seems much calmer…bad, but could have been much worse.

Naturally, as I am prone to morbid thoughts, I’ve been thinking about it since this morning. And panicking. Because I can’t come to terms with the fact that I am a flesh and blood creature, and the idea of it upsets me…the idea of being injured is unbearable, and thinking about someone else being injured is nearly as bad.

It was very difficult to drive home in the rain. Because I kept alternating between thinking about getting into an accident, and thinking about…you know…cooking my arm.

I’m shaking, just thinking about it now…

On the bright side, I messaged Toni about it to see if she knew anything, and she didn’t…but now we are getting dinner after her class on Tuesday, so that’s nice. And also a huge reason why I am balking at the idea of applying for the hastily opened manager position at that theatre. Because I’d lose my friend.

Not just that though…I mean…Mike and I talked about why I would like to wait before I try to go back, and he seems understanding about it. So. We’ll see.

But even if I did go back…I think I’ve got a work friend at my new theatre (it’s only taken me seven months), so I’d still have a local friend, I think.

It’s fun. We’ve discovered that if we talk about the right topics, we can finish each other’s sentences, which is kind of awesome, considering that conversations with most of my previous work friends consisted largely of trying to top each other’s insults and outdo each other with increasingly shocking or unexpected stories, and very seldom to do with our having a bubble of shared interests in things that nobody else had ever heard of.